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This is history in the making…

LIFE and Leadership by Chris Brady

When the LIFE company was established, one of the primary goals of its founders was to accomplish something in the area of compensation that hadn’t been done before. The heart behind this was to offer financial rewards that would truly be based upon performance.  But there was more.  It was also desired to put a heavy emphasis on revenue sharing with the field – this is “corporate speak” for not letting the company keep most of the profits.  While many (but certainly not all!) pay plans appear to be at least somewhat fair in terms of how the money is split amongst participants in the field, what often is NOT fair is how much money finds it way back to the corporation. The result is a subtle but real conflict of interest between the company and its field operators.  Therefore, right off the bat, LIFE designed its financial plan in…

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Excellent read…

greg johnson leadership

Since this is Easter and the Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ I thought it would be appropriate to question; is Jesus who he and others say he is, or is Jesus really a scam that has been that has been passed down through the ages like folklore?

To test the truth, I Googled “Jesus is a scam” and came across a website that intrigued me; Personal Development for Smart People Forums. We all know if you want an answer for something to go to “smart people” which I assume means educated or at least more so than the rest of us to get to the bottom of things – the truth.  Of course as an educated society with technology at our fingertips, when we want to find the truth about something we “Google it”

Here are some of the answers to the truth about Jesus from the

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Orrin Woodward LIFE Leadership Team

I searched for him half my life,
named with an uncommon sound.

I looked for him around the world,
but this person refused to be found.

Thankfully, I discovered him,
the good news is, you can too.

However, it won’t be easy,
as he reveals himself to just a few.

You can search our government assemblies,
and only hear legends from his past.

You can search our halls of learning,
reading quaint histories fading fast.

You can search our industrial complexes,
viewing his old portraits in the aisles.

You can search our sports arenas,
reading banners going out of style.

Everyone seems to know this person,
but most refuse his name.

I ceased my fruitless search,
hanging my head in shame.

In desperation, I searched within,
realizing his presence all along.

Since no one else will be him,
I can and will, to become strong.

I am now called responsible,

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greg johnson leadership

We as people seem to love to celebrate. Growing up  my parents always had a party to celebrate each of our birthdays. Likewise as we had children we had a party each year to celebrate their birthdays. We have anniversary parties for friends and family members. We’ve had engagement parties and bachelor parties, baby showers, and house warming parties. In fact my wife and I once went to a wedding in Poland where the celebration lasted a week. Yes everyone in the world seems to love a party!

We seem to have a party for everything.

Here is a list of a few I found;

Christening Celebrations First Holy Communions
Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s Reunions
Birthday Parties Pool Parties
Sweet 16’s Beach Parties
New Born Celebrations Retirement Dinners
School Dances Holiday Parties
Proms EMT Annual Awards Dinners
Block Parties Wet downs
Wedding Receptions Boat Parties
Fundraising Events Night Clubs
Corporate Events Singles…

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Orrin Woodward LIFE Leadership Team

The LIFE business has changed the rules. By lowering the barriers to entry for hungry leaders (and potential leaders), LIFE has provided an opportunity for people to listen, learn, and lead at an affordable price. Where else can you receive 4 leadership CD’s and a book from best selling authors, bloggers, and leadership gurus for $50?

With nearly 1200 bonafide customers, along with thousands of satisfied members, LIFE is giving average people the opportunity to achieve un-average results. In fact, with little downside risk (the worst thing that can happen is you receive world-class training at a world-class price), and major upside rewards, LIFE is drawing thousands of former networkers back into the fold.

These former networkers loved the community building and pay for performance aspects of networking, but struggled with the $300 to $500 of product purchases needed monthly. LIFE offers a way to start making income without stretching…

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It is amazing what hunger and motivation will accomplish.  As I read McDonald’s: Behind The Arches by John F. Love it is provoking to see what happens with motivation and a dream, and what what opportunities are missed without motivation to do more – without a dream.  It is amazing what happens when one writes down their dream, focuses on it and works toward it.  This has helped me greatly with moving toward goals, along with encouragement from friends and business coaches.  Thank you to Greg Johnson, , and Orrin Woodward, , for your leadership, coaching and encouragement.

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